I’ve never done this….

Honestly. I’ve never done this.

And when I say ‘this’ I mean writing. Or Blogging. Well not properly anyway….

In this world which is advancing in technology at a horrifyingly rapid pace, I feel a bit like an old biddy trapped in a 20 year olds skin, desperately clutching my cup of tea and wishing that I could somehow understand how to get things out into the scary world I live in, that revolves around the incredible internet!

I mean I get Facebook – who doesn’t, right? Twitter still evades me. And I’ve got like over 100 followers on Instagram which is apparently a super big deal. But blogging is a whole new ball game. A completely different kettle of fish, where the kettle is the size of the Grand Canyon and I’m merely a microscopic plankton – and a technologically retarded microscopic plankton with anxiety at that! And all the other plankton have Insta-followers in the thousands, sometimes millions, and a rockin website and widgets (or whatever else I’m meant to understand in order to write) coming out of their eyeballs!

I digress – But my point is this: Everytime I don’t know something the truth is – Google is God. You just type your question in and poof! a million different answers at your finger tips. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone onto Google and changed my entire days plans, based on the opinions of the stranger whose article I’m now pouring over and planning my life around. And let’s not forget how many times I’ve self diagnosed a small ailment and found out I’ve got 20 diseases, a broken leg and I’m pregnant thanks to WebMd. But sometimes, just sometimes, you turn to the internet for real advice, for real problems. That, for me, is where those honest, real, normal people who take terrible selfies and can barely understand hashtags become a pivotal part of this thing we call the internet. 

So I thought I’d take the leap and join in. Because I’m no good at millennial life and it’s fine to be that way 😊


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